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3d Cake Sculptures and Decorated Cakes By
Holly Alexander

Bust of George Washington Carver carved out of cake and decorated with fondant icing

One of Holly's favorite pictures is this one of her as a three year old decorating a cake for her dad. Holly decorating one of her first cakes at 3 years old! Holly's Kitchen. Enterprise, Alabama

As she grew up, Holly's mom encouraged her to continue baking and expanding her creativity.

Holly's first cake sculpture was an ambulance intended for an EMS party. The cake was a work of art- complete with flashing lights and a siren. To her dismay it slid onto her car's floorboard just as she arrived at the party!

It was three years before she recovered from that traumatic experience to begin sculpting once more. Here you can view the wonderful decorated sculptured cakes and other works of art she has created since October 2004.

Baking and cake sculpting has naturally expanded into candies and desserts as people are constantly asking her to make new and exciting things- like strawberry cheesecake and sour cream pound cake!

Cake Gallery 1  |  Cake Gallery 2  |  Cake Gallery 3  |  Desserts   |  Candies

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